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IBF Site - Sevington

UPDATE 09/10/2020

**  The Public consultation is now live, follow this link to view papers and make your comment.  **

Consultation closes on 26/10/2020.


The Parish Council was made aware of the plans for the MOJO site at the same time as the public became aware.

The Parish Council has attended meetings to discuss this site and wishes to make as much information available as possible for members of the public.

This page will be updated with notes from meetings and links to documents as they become available.

MOJO Site renamed:  Sevington Inland Border Centre

These meetings were MOJO specific, PC meetings also discuss the site so they may be worth viewing in addition.

MOJO meeting notes - 08092020 File Uploaded: 11 September 2020 392.3 KB MOJO meeting notes 27072020 File Uploaded: 11 September 2020 943.1 KB
Concerning the compensation question if any residents need to ,or were planning to move within the 5 year period I think it would be worth asking if there is a compensation or buy in arrangement . Because the Government planning application is temporary - 5 years this should put it in a different category - of temporary national infrastructure . It would be worth getting a legal view on this through ABC i.e exploring this with Paul Bartlett. The point is that it is different from a normal construction period - which causes disruption and then things still down and the blight and disruption goes away . In this case the sale of a property could be disrupted for longer into the successor use of the site . I am sure there will be push back , but worth pursuing to help anyone who could be in a distressed sale situation. A number of the houses in Sevington will already have been through a change of ownership as a result of the HS1 construction . That will be taken into account . We had quite a lot of HS1 experience in my parish - Westwell ; 12 properties were acquired temporarily by Union Rail and one was demolished , the others resold . You will know the details in your area.

Ashford Borough Council Joint Transportation Meeting was held on 15th September, the minutes of which can be found here:

The MOJO site was discussed at this meeting.